Systems and products

Meeting needs of our clients, the offer FCA was divided into groups of specialized solutions for comprehensive construction of optic networks.

Solutions for central hubs of operators, energetic stations and the industry:

  • OptiNode – a system of station wiring in central nodes
  • OptiNode Data Center – a system for building Data Center
  • OptiPlex – a system realizing a passive wave division multiplexing
  • xWDM – an active system of wave division multiplexing
  • OptiTest – diagnostics and monitoring of optic networks
  • OptiDukt – a system of cable ducts
  • OPGW – a system for building of fiber-optic networks with an use of OPGW cables

Solutions for access networks and metro:

  • MikroKan – a system of fiber-optic microcanalization
  • OptiLine – a system for construction of external fiber-optic lines
  • FibAir – a system for construction of suspended networks with an use of ADSS cables
  • FTTA – a system for radio solutions
  • OptiHome MDU – a FTTH system for multistorey buildings
  • OptiHome SDU – a FTTH system for a single family houses
  • xPON and P2P Active Ethernet – a comprehensive solution which allows to provide subscription services

Complementary products:


Advanced knowledge of FCA’s technical engineers and cooperation with the biggest manufacturers of fiber optics solutions in the world led the company to provide services offer. We guarantee customers support during the planning and network designing, inventory process and the implementation with maintenance of active WDM systems.

Design and passporting
of network

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Poland is currently one of largest construction sites of broadband networks in Europe. In compliance with European Digital Agenda for the year of 2020 every European should have an access to Internet with a speed of at least 30 Mb/s, and EU funds flowing from the current Financial Perspective (2014-2020) are meant to facilitate this task, funding projects of both small, local ISP operators and largest telecommunication and mobile operators in the country. It is not an easy challenge as broadband projects belong to one of most complicated investment tasks which success depends not only on efficient construction of network but above other things on optimization of processes at the stage of design and later compilation of the infrastructure’s inventory.

Installation and launch of
xWDM technology devices

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FCA has yearslong experience in installation and launch of fiber-optic DWDM networks. Installation and service section consists of qualified engineers with great experience in installation, launching and testing of modern DWDM systems based on ROADM technology. The team has implemented many times systems with 100G transmission for countrywide operators in Poland, cable televisions, energetics companies and operators of regional networks. Installation and service section is equipped with a spectrum analyzer and traffic analyzers for signals between 100M and 100G as well as analyzers of passive fiber-optic infrastructure such as reflectometer or power and optic sources measurement sets.

xWDM Emergency Service

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The Emergency xWDM FCA assistance includes the xWDM equipment rental service to provide temporary data transmission over a distance of 200 km using a single pair or a single optic fiber supplied by the Customer.

According to the needs, technological proficiency and the ability to configure the rented system, the Customer may rent only the equipment or order the complete service with installation, commissioning the xWDM line and, if necessary, switching services on the new xWDM line.

Comprehensive Installations of Transmission Equipment along with adaptation of the existing infrastructure

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Realization of an investment begins from preparation of a project which should be preceded by an audit of network and a local inspection. Many times an adaptation of rooms through installation of technical floor or cable ducts will be required. Often there can be a necessity of installation of additional racks or ODF and execution of fiber-optic connectors.

In a response to that FCA as one of largest integrators of optic telecommunications in Poland implemented aside from the delivery of elements a service of comprehensive installation of transmission equipment along with adaptation of the existing infrastructure.

FCA offers comprehensive installation of transmission equipment.