Realization of an investment begins from preparation of a project which should be preceded by an audit of network and a local inspection. Many times an adaptation of rooms through installation of technical floor or cable ducts will be required. Often there can be a necessity of installation of additional racks or ODF and execution of fiber-optic connectors. Only in the final phase transmission devices and IP ends are installed.

In a response to that FCA as one of largest integrators of optic telecommunications in Poland implemented aside from the delivery of elements a service of comprehensive installation of transmission equipment along with adaptation of the existing infrastructure.

FCA’s offer of comprehensive installation of transmission equipment includes:

  • Local inspections
  • Preparation of a project of installation of system’s devices
  • Adaptation of telecommunication rooms (technical floor, ducts)
  • Installation and/or supply of passive fiber-optic accessories (racks, ODF and such)
  • Instalacja and/or supply of fiber-optic connectors, patchworks, wire harnesses
  • Execution of fiber-optic welds
  • Execution of measurements of fiber-optic lines (reflectometer measurements, suppression, dispersion)
  • Installation, configuration and launch of xWDM nodes
  • Installation and preliminary configuration of L2/L3 end devices in different telecommunication technologies
  • Transmission examination and measurements
  • Post-executive documentation
  • Training of clients