Comprehensive solutions for Developers DeveLoop

In compliance with amended Resolution of Minister of Transportation, Construction and Maritime Economy from 2012 all apartments in multi-storey building and public utility building should be equipped with telecommunication installation, entry bell signalization installation and emergency-call up installation adjusted for needs of disabled people.

Under the regulation telecommunication installation is made of telecommunication ducts that is all ladders, technical rising mains, pipes, trays and conduits which allow to distribute telecommunication cables throughout the building and to all apartments.

Meeting ahead the Resolution, the FCA offer dedicated to developers constitutes of:

  • telecommunication apartment cabinets
  • Fiber-optic telecommunication infrastructure with accessories
  • Antenna installations for receipt of terrestial and satellitary television and radio
  • Cabling made from paired symetric cables with accessories
  • Cabling made from coaxial cables with accessories
  • Mast located on the roof of building which allows to install antennas of telecommunication businesses which perform services through radio transmission

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