FCA has yearslong experience in installation and launch of fiber-optic DWDM networks. Installation and service section consists of qualified engineers with great experience in installation, launching and testing of modern DWDM systems based on ROADM technology. The team has implemented many times systems with 100G transmission for countrywide operators in Poland, cable televisions, energetics companies and operators of regional networks. Installation and service section is equipped with a spectrum analyzer and traffic analyzers for signals between 100M and 100G as well as analyzers of passive fiber-optic infrastructure such as reflectometer or power and optic sources measurement sets.

By applying their knowledge, experience and skills FCA engineers will grant their support in a case there is a need to build a new DWDM system, reconfigure or relocate an existing equipment in the scope from preparing executive project throughout adaptating the infrastructure to installation and launching of DWDM devices along with qualitative examinations.

Additionally FCA performs servicing for their clients in a form of remote technical support in the scope of implemented technologies.