Fiber-optic micro duct system MikroKan

Micro duct system is a system for building telecommunication ducts of new generation. The main element, which is the basis of the technology, are singular microducts and their packages. The system also consists of accessories which serve to correctly join, branch and seal particular segments.

The increasing demand for bandwidth generates necessity of modernization of existing ducts and in the case of building new networks it forces to approach it with a perspective. Regardless of the type of investment you should take into account the cost of building network, the ease of its expansion and the cost of its maintainence. Micro ducts are functionally an equivalent to ducts made with a traditional technique. Thanks to the minimalization of the size of each components the use of the space of the duct is optimized. Proportionally in relation to micro ducts the size of wiring was also reduced which additionally enhances the capacity of the whole network.

Micro ducts and packages of microducts should be placed directly in the ground or function as a filling of pipes of original and derivative ducts. The system may find its application in any segment of the access network: backbone, metropolital, subscription and even intrabuilding.

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