Solutions for OPGW energetic lines

OPGW system includes products designated for construction of fiber-optic line with use of OPGW cables OPGW (Optical Ground Wire). It is a perfect method to build long range fiber-optic networks running along energetic lines. The group of products of OPGW system is designated for building a fiber-optic line with use of OPGW cables and consists of following elements:

  • fiber-optic clamps and hermetic distribution frames with fittings to mount them on lattice masts,
  • accessories for clamps which serve to mount OPGW cables,
  • accessories for introduction and sealing of cables and organization of fibers,
  • auxiliary tools such as OPGW tube cutter.

Unique OPGW accessories allow to mount clamps on lattice masts made from different profiles which allow adjust the clamp’s angle of mounting. Mounting of OPGW cable is done with special clasps to the metal grip of the clamp, but not directly to the cable port of the clamp like in other, simpler solutions. Thanks to that regardless of movement of OPGW cable made under the influence of wind or temperature changes no tension is transfered over to cable ports. All mounting elements are made from corrossion resistant materials. Specialist products are only used for high voltage lines with lightning arrester OPGW cables. Elements of the system can work with other systems (e.g FibAir, OptiLine) in places where the optical fiber is branched out or terminated from the high voltage line, e.g. By switching to ADSS cables or standard in-ground ducts/micro ducts. It allows to realize connection with networks of another operator who uses lines belonging to energy infrastructure.

Clients who have used our OPGW solutions for years are Energy facilities / power industry operators and contractors working for energetics.

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