Systems of cable ducts OptiDukt

In large transmission systems fiber-optic distribution frames, more and more often grouped as sets of distribution frames, have to ensure distribution of signal to hundreds of optic fibers. The aggregation of conduits and patchcords grouped by distribution frames becomes problematic.
Dedicated system of ducts FCA ensures an organised placing optic fibres in a safe manner which does not collide with other cables. The system was designed as a set of elements which allow to build any pathway which separates fibre-optic cables from cables of another type and which is designated to manage intrabuilding fiber-optic cables.

The system of ducts enables to separate clear pathways of placing fiber-optic cables. Ducts can be installed as assigned to cabinets upside or placed under the technical floor, they order placement and secure patchcords between racks and cabinets with active equipment, allowing to efficiently manage fiber-optic cables and build any pathway which seperates fiber-optic cables from cables of other type.

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