FTTH system for single family houses OptiHome SDU

OptiHome SDU system includes a group of products dedicated for building FTTH network for dispersed development (SDU – Single Dwelling Unit – means single family houses). In single family development – (detached, semi-detached or terraced) – the most prospective solution for neighborhood infrastructure is building network on the basis of in-ground micro ducts (details described in MikroKan chapter) however sometimes the infrastructure is built with use of overhead lines (see FibAir chapter).

Regardless of the technology in which connections are built, distribution points are necessary in this field in the form of external standing or suspended cabinets as well as distribution masts. Each connection from distribution network ar routed to single buildings where distribution cabinets are installed outside or inside single family houses as well as entries to run cables or micro ducts through the elevation of building.
Elements of the external network are immune to enviromental conditions (their impermeability degree IP is between 54 and 67) and they also meet high requirements of immunity to damage (IK 8 to 10). Entries of buildings may be equipped with so called gas blockade which prevents penetration of methane from sewage.

OptiHome SDU system allows to flexibly design construction of FTTH infrastructure for single family housing neighborhoods of varied sizes. In conjuction with other solutions – such as MikroKan micro ducts it allows for full turnkey FTTH installation.

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