Solutions for fiber-optic line OptiLine

Elements of OptiLine system in conjuction with systems: MicroKan, OPGW and FibAir allow to realize whole spectrum of architectures for external infrastructure of the optic network. They may be installed in underground cable ducts (fiber-optic clamps in well or cointainers), at the surface (street cabinets) or as suspended elements (wall distribution frames or anchoring distribution frames, including the mentioned solutions for overhead lines). Elements of the system allow to execute a flexible line infrastructure with a possibility to design a starting capacity and a target capacity in the event of expansion.

Network maintainence departments of clients who use our solution may confirm on the basis of yearlong experience the durability of products exploited in our climate.

OptiLine products allow to build an external fiber-optic network between central nodes, on linear transport section with a high number of fiber, on distribution sections in an access network with a high number of branchings, or in distribution subscription network where there is a high number of cables with a low capacity, branched off to objects of end users.

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