The system for building an optic hub OptiNode

The OptiNode system is one of the most important FCA’s assortment groups. It includes solutions applied for building central objects, nodes of backbone and metropolital networks which aggregate inbound traffic from the access network. Thanks to innovativeness of products and the large number of accessories it is possible to design optic nodes with a capacity of up to several thousands optic fibers.

The system also consists of racks, teleinformatic cabinets as well as high class fiber-optic distribution frames ODF. The selection of standard cabinets of fiber-optic distribution frames allows for ergonomic use of teleinformatic surface. Dedicated solutions of panels with a spacing of 19″ and 21″ which perform connection, commuting and reserve function will completely fulfill expectations of a very demanding client. You should also pay attention to the universality of our solutions which allows to apply them for other segments of network and therefore allow its unification. For example products from OptiNode portfolio may find application in Data Center and Opti Line solutions.

Through participation in whole production process we deliver products which meet highest requirements in the aspect of quality and utility.

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