Systems for FTTH network – xPON and Active Ethernet

Access platform Calix E7 is a comprehensive solution which allows to provide service on the basis of Point-to-Multipoint GPON teachnology (Gigabit Passive Optical Network and Point-to-Point Active Ethernet. Devices of both technologies may be used as a part of a single shelf which allows for a flexible design of the network and is cost-effective. The integrated management system Calix CMS allows to comfortably manage whole network from a level of a single system.

The basis of the system are shelves for transmission cards installed in a standard 19’’ cabinet. Within the E7 family we have a choice of pizza box shelf which contains two transmission cards and a choice of a shelf which contains a large number of cards and ensures a great density with up to 20 cards for E7-20 shelf. All devices are powered by direct current with a voltage of -48V. Transmission cards possess subscription interfaces 2,5/1,2 Gbit/s GPON (ITU-T G.984) in a case of GPON cards (GPON-4 and GPON-4x) and Gigabit Point-to-Point for Active Ethernet (GE-24 and G-24x). The number of subscribers serviced by a completely equipped shelf is between 48 users for E7-2 shelf with Ge-24 cards in Active Ethernet standard to 5120 subscribers for a fully equipped E7-20 shelf (GPON standard, 1×65 division). Regardless of the platform uplink interfaces allow connections from Gigabit Ethernet to 10 Gigabit Ethernet (in SFP+ and XFP standards).

Subscription devices of both standards are equipped depending on the model with copper RJ-45 ports (from one to four), VoIP gate which services up to two analog phones (RJ-11 phones), and RF connection which allows to send analog TV to the subscriber. As the part of Active Ethernet technology we have a possibility of using CPE devices of Dutch company Genexis. All subscription ends of Genexis company possess a weld case integrated with the device which eliminates necessity of using a subscription socket.

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