The Emergency xWDM FCA assistance includes the xWDM equipment rental service to provide temporary data transmission over a distance of 200 km using a single pair or a single optic fiber supplied by the Customer.

According to the needs, technological proficiency and the ability to configure the rented system, the Customer may rent only the equipment or order the complete service with installation, commissioning the xWDM line and, if necessary, switching services on the new xWDM line.

Temporary statement of transmission may be necessary during any kind of reconstruction of fiber optic lines, in case of a quick commissioning service when the planned delivery time of the equipment is too long or in order to provide links to sites occasionally used for special media events.

xWDM Emergency Service allows to:

  • Start a tract with a range up to 200 km
  • Configurations which use several fibers (2J) or a single optic fiber (1J)
  • Remote supervision and read-out of parameters of transmission
  • Starting signals:
    • E1
    • STM-1
    • STM-4
    • STM-16
    • STM-64
    • Fast Ethernet
    • Gigabit Ethernet
    • 10 Gigabit Ethernet
    • 1G Fibre Channel
    • 2G Fibre Channel
    • 4G Fibre Channel
  • start of transmission on existing multiduplexing xWDM systems at a specific channel (necessity of prior reservation of lasers for a proper wavelength)