SPS-22-0100-0-1Indoor cabinet SPS-22, 19″ without covers and doors, 900x2200x350mm (WxHxD), kolor RAL7035, 46U 
SPS-DP-P-1-22-KPL-1SPS-22 transparent front doors with locking system RAL7035
SPS-OB-22-KPL-1SPS-22 side covers RAL7035
SPS-ZM-PBSPS floor mounting kit
SPS-ZM-PTSPS double floor mounting kit
SPS-ZM-SCSPS wall mounting kit
SPS-ZM-STSPS cabinet stacking kit
SPS-PSZSPS bruch outlet
SPS-KDOKSPS document drawer
SUS-PH-48-3K9Z-IP54Optical pillar 48xSC, IP54, IK10, 3 splice trays SK-24-Z-FCA with cover, 265×830(1720)x255mm RAL7035
OSK-80-22UOSK-80 optical outdoor access cabinet dimensions 600×1248×600 mm
OSK-80-36UOSK-80 optical outdoor access cabinet dimensions 600×1871×600 mm
OSU-19-20U-1000OSU-19 outdoor access cabinets 1,010×1,582×651 mm
OSU-19-28U-1000OSU-19 outdoor access cabinets 1,010×1,938×651 mm
OSU-19-36U-1000OSU-19 outdoor access cabinets 1,010×2,294×651 mm