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Technology that will revolutionise many areas of life.


Network will support up to 100 devices per m2.


Transfer data across the network at speeds of up to 20 Gbps.

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The 5G network, as envisioned, will use many of the techniques and solutions that are necessary to provide functionality not previously available in existing mobile and cellular networks.

In order to meet the IMT-2020 (International Mobile Telecommunications-2020) requirements for average and peak gigabit data rates for a wide range of users and devices, as well as low latency, 5G network transmitters must be fully supported by fiber-optic networks.

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FCA’s product offer is based both on its own solutions – produced in the optical fibre laboratory – and on products of global leaders of the ICT market.

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Our comprehensive approach to project performance and cooperation within a group of companies allows us to enrich our offer with additional elements such as business consulting, technical consultancy, and design and construction of networks. 

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