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11 600

km of networks we are building as part of the Digital Poland Operational Program projects.


Michał Gruca, Director of the Project Coordination and Execution Department

We Build Digital Poland

"We are the few companies in the country that can boast of the practical knowledge we have gained both as a contractor and as an investor. Within our group, one of the companies is the owner of the infrastructure and the other is the contractor. We are well aware of the problems faced by both sides and are therefore able to choose the optimal solution."

What is the scope of our services?

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We provide conceptual development for network construction
Development of technical and construction design documentation
Procurement and logistics of materials and equipment for construction
Construction of new or renovation of existing telecommunications infrastructure

Comprehensive implementation

We provide the Customer with access to a comprehensive telecommunications network, encompassing the physical layer according to the OSI model, including copper and fiber optic cables, as well as wireless solutions, and the data link layer, which includes switching devices such as switches.


We design the network, select the appropriate equipment, and offer structured cabling, consisting of multiple components that come together to form a smoothly functioning system

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Conceptualization and design

We prepare investments based on the latest tools: QGIS and CAD.


QGIS (Quantum GIS) is an open-source software that allows us to create interactive maps, perform spatial and financial analysis, and visualize data.

CAD (Computer-Aided Design) is computer-aided design that enables the creation of accurate construction plans, often required for obtaining permits.


By utilizing CAD and QGIS tools, we create precise designs that serve as the foundation for project implementation.



We commence the construction process with a crucial stage: site preparation, which includes formal documentation and material procurement. Then we proceed to the construction works, ensuring quality control and maintaining detailed documentation of each stage.


During the control phase, we utilize our proprietary FCA application for capturing and archiving construction site photos. This allows for comprehensive documentation of work progress and any changes or issues encountered during construction.

The guarantee of a successful project includes:
Compliance with requirements

Joint development of concepts with the client, design, implementation, and service.


Systematic control of project schedule, with corrective actions taken as needed.


Maintaining financial liquidity at every stage of project implementation.

Competences acquired over the years

FCA have a specialised department to undertake fibre optic network projects, and our competencies enable us to run projects as a general contractor – we have extensive experience gained within the framework of the Operational Programme Digital Poland.


Being a part of the FCA Group, we also have the resources to carry out projects – our own design and construction teams. This enables us to undertake comprehensive fibre optic projects, including network design, building, overhauls and maintenance.


We adapt to your needs

We have extensive experience in complex project implementation.

POPC Projects

We are in the process of implementing 9 investments under the Digital Poland Operational Programme.

Comprehensive services 

We have experience at every stage of investment implementation: from site visit, design and conception to execution and maintenance.

An interdisciplinary team

We have experts with many years of experience in the telecommunications industry in our ranks.

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