Wire harness

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Wire harness

Harness are a structure of wires, connectors and peripheral components that form a synchronized cable assembly that allows electrical charge to be conducted between the various components of a device enabling it to function properly considering its operating conditions and application.

What sets us apart?

Our activities are focused on the Customer. Development of Your business is our priority.

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Why FCA?
High quality

Products go through a very detailed quality control.


We make every effort to ensure that products meet the highest standards.

Supply chain optimization

Fast processing time, Polish manufacturer.

Production flexibility

We tailor productions to your needs.

Technical support

Together we improve products, we are not just a supplier.

25 years in the fiber optic market

We use our extensive experience from the ICT market.

Our most common

Manufacturing processes

  • cutting and wires crimping,
  • stripping wires,
  • tinning of wire ends,
  • cable bundles assembling,
  • securing assembled wires in corrugated tubing,
  • inspection of cable connections, electrical and functional tests.
Who are we working with?

Industrial automation, control cabinets

Household appliances industry

Air conditioning and refrigeration

Agricultural equipment

Medical equipment

Dedicated solutions for the home

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