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The use of optical fiber as a transmission medium increases security.


Easy to expand, allowing you to design for future needs right now.


Fiber optic cables have an increased lifespan compared to copper cables.

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The term FTTx refers to a group of network solutions that provide fiber-optic connections to specific facilities. It can be implemented based on different technologies and network topologies.


An example of a fiber-optic broadband network architecture system is FTTH. Depending on where the fiber-optic cable is being routed to, in the Fiber To The X technology, x can mean: H - Home , N- Node, Cab - Cabinet, C - Curb, B - Building, or D - Desk.

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FCA’s product offer is based both on its own solutions – produced in the optical fiber laboratory – and on products of global leaders of the ICT market.

Modern transmission medium

Fiber-optic cables are currently a transmission medium that is the safest, the most capacious, and shows very high resistance to interference. 


As a result, it is widely used in telecommunications and its popularity continues to grow. 


The use of a fiber-optic cable makes it possible to ensure fast data transmission and high reliability of the connection. 

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NODCO is FCA's proprietary product in the family of subscriber sockets, which provides network continuity by connecting a subscriber at a given location (office, home) to multiple devices simultaneously.


It serves as a network extension point on several floors of a building. Its design allows for an increase in the number of installations, providing a real competitive advantage in the growing FTTH market.

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