Discover FCA's own product from the socket family!
Fibre optic connectivity anywhere in the home or office
Configuration flexibility

NODCO® goes beyond the limits of typical socket functions. Its unique design allows for home, office and business networking.

Convenient installation

The NODCO® design allows for an increase in FTTx installations through quick and convenient installation. It saves time and investment costs.

Aesthetic design

NODCO's® compact size and modern, minimalist design contribute to the aesthetics of the space, becoming an invisible part of any room.

FCA's proprietary product


NODCO® is the answer to the needs of the telecommunications operator and the end user. It is characterised by its quick, efficient and convenient installation. NODCO® is a subscriber socket, going beyond the typical product of its family.


NODCO® ensures network continuity by connecting a subscriber at a given location (office, home) to multiple devices simultaneously. It provides a network extension point over several floors of a building. Its design allows for an increase in the number of installations, providing a real competitive advantage in the growing FTTH market.

NODCO's® White Paper

Unique design

The feature that sets NODCO® apart from other subscriber sockets is its widely interpreted multi-tasking.


Inside the NODCO® there is a dedicated DAC cable entry with offset lock, splice covers and a 1x2 optical coupler. The product has a mounting base for quick installation. The NODCO® design allows the termination of up to four optical fibres.

One socket, multiple applications

Connection of up to 4 devices in the subscriber’s home


A subscriber can be connected to the NODCO® regardless of the situation and installation location. It has a dedicated mounting location for the optical coupler. It allows the connection of multiple devices simultaneously. 

Subscriber line extension


NODCO® provides the ability to split the signal and create a network on multiple floors of a building for separate devices. It provides an ideal solution for office networking.

Division of the network within a single connection


The design of the NODCO® enables a business and home network to be created within a single connection. NODCO® has a dedicated DAC subscriber cable entry point – it is possible to connect from both overhead and ground networks.

Build an FTTx network with FCA

FCA’s product offer is based on both in-house solutions – produced in the fibre optic laboratory – and products from global ICT market leaders.

Safety, convenience, aesthetics

Create a subscriber network with NODCO®

…and grow your business more effectively

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