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Marian Owczarski, Head of the Products and Services Department (CTO)

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In cooperation with our partners, both technological issues (solution quality, know-how, and experience) and business issues (trust, flexibility, and reliability) are important to us. They allow us to provide our customers with state-of-the-art solutions.

Passive solutions

FCA is the only licensed distributor of Huber+Suhner fibre optic products in Poland. As the sole distributor in Europe also, we have Huber+Suhner Certified FO Assembly Partner status. It confirms the highest quality and technology in the production of optical connectors. 


Huber+Suhner is a Swiss manufacturer, a leader in radio, electrical and fibre optic connections. It operates in over 80 countries. It pursues a 3x3 strategy, focusing on three markets: industrial, communication and transport, for which it provides radio frequency (RF), fibre optic (FO) and low frequency (LF) solutions.
Huber+Suhner products are a guarantee of high quality, performance and reliability. They are adapted to operate in the most challenging conditions. They combine Swiss technology and the highest product certification.

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FCA's cooperation with Dura-Line provides a guarantee of adequate strength, functionality, and capacity in the construction of microduct systems. 


Dura-Line is a global manufacturer and distributor of solutions for ICT and electrical infrastructure. Dura-line's main objective is to ensure end-user security by providing its partners with high-quality products. Dura-Line creates strategic solutions to accommodate the needs of future developments in fibre optic cables. 

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FCA has a long-standing partnership with FiberHome, sourcing passive fibre optic solutions of high quality that meet the latest technical demands and customer expectations.


FiberHome is a global provider of products and solutions for telecommunications networks. The history of this company dates back to 1999. Since then, its development has focussed on optical communication, market research and technology creativity. 

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As a partner of such an internationally recognised and valued company, FCA is proud to offer its products in the field of plastic cable ducts. We are the exclusive distributor of Yellow Duct in Central Europe (Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic)


Warren and Brown Technologies is an Australian telecommunications company known worldwide primarily for its technologically innovative fibre optic solutions. It is a leader in telecommunications network infrastructure. It has state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities where products and solutions for telecommunications networks, data centres, industry and renewable energy are manufactured under multiple brands. 

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 FCA works in partnership with Alumast, providing its customers with composite poles, which are a safe, functional and ecological alternative to traditional concrete and wooden poles. Together with Alumast, we are focused on innovation to help change the world for the better.


 Alumast is a designer and manufacturer of solutions based on composite technology. The history of Alumast dates from the beginning of the 21st century. Since then, the company has been diligently pursuing its mission - to create a world safe for society. The implementation of this mission means providing products with the highest resistance and strength parameters. 

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Solarix products are also characterised by versatility - they are designed for all types of networks. This value is key to the partnership because as FCA, we strive to provide solutions that are compatible with existing systems and devices that are currently utilised in our customers' network infrastructure. 


Solarix is a Czech brand offering structured cabling and optical fibre systems for building computer networks. The systems include copper and optical elements, as well as rack cabinets. The high quality of the brand's products is confirmed by the certificates of testing laboratories and through hundreds of implemented installations.

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The parnership between FCA and Prysmian Group means  we are able to supply high-quality passive products dedicated to telecommunications, energy, transport and mobility. It is also knowledge transferred to us from an experienced partner, which we translate into the development of an offer, which allows us to respond in an optimal way to the needs of customers. 


The Prysmian Group is a global market leader in power and telecommunications cables. It has three brands in its group -  Prysmian, Draka and General Cable - for which innovation, efficient and effective transmission of information, are at the forefront of product design. The company has more than 140 years of working on the precision and excellence of its solutions. 

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FCA has partnered with Afripipes to provide its customers with a comprehensive portfolio for the microduct system. The products, which include bundles, cables, tubing and all accessories, are selected with the latest trends and requirements for ductwork contractors and future infrastructure expansion needs in mind.


Afripipes is a world leader in the manufacture of communication ducting. It has factories in South Africa, Kenya and Dubai. In addition to this, it also has its own - fully equipped - laboratory where it conducts tests for every solution produced. This confirms the high quality and care with which Afripipes approaches the creation of its products, as well as the safety of their use.

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FCA and Elplast are linked not only by Polish production, but also by a partnership that results in passive products for industry, mining, energy or telecommunications. The solid and high quality assortment that makes up the portfolio of these two brands, allows customers to make a durable and safe installation.


Elplast is a Polish company from the plastics processing and manufacturing industry. It has been present on the market since 1999. It has a machine park comprising 12 production lines, where pipes, manholes and all large-size elements used for the construction of sewage and telecommunication networks are manufactured.

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For Acome, as for FCA, it is important to become a trusted partner to its customers, understanding their needs and providing reliable solutions. These core values of the partnership are transformed into the range of top quality fibre optic products that we develop in partnership with Acome.


Acome is a French company with an international reach spanning EMEA, Asia and Latin America. It operates in the industrial sector, offering innovative solutions for telecommunications, automotive and construction. Its portfolio includes highly technical piping, cabling and accessory systems.

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The collaboration between FCA and Blue Dragon Jet is centered around delivering solutions for both FTTH access networks and backbone networks. Blue Dragon Jet offers a comprehensive range of fiber blowing machines, each meticulously designed to meet diverse requirements, regardless of project scale - from minor installations to extensive infrastructures.


Blue Dragon Jet is a prominent European manufacturer of advanced fiber blowing machines, providing innovative solutions to the telecommunications industry. Their devices are widely acclaimed globally for their efficiency, diversity, and seamless alignment with network demands.

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Active solutions

Infinera's vision is to provide unlimited bandwidth and a reliable transport network. The same values guide FCA. That's why we've been working with Infinera for years, providing our customers with active WDM technology systems that enable rapid business growth by making the most of existing bandwidth.


Infinera is a global provider of innovative network infrastructure solutions with over 40 years of experience in the telecommunications industry. It holds more than 2,000 patents for carrier-class products and services.

Infinera solutions are dedicated to governments, enterprises and cloud operators. Thanks to them, they can easily increase the capacity of their network, introduce automation of operations and thus accelerate innovation of their services.

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Nokia's impressive portfolio and the direction this brand is taking is an asset to FCA, not only in the sense of the Nokia products we have in our portfolio (such as network switches) but also the unique knowledge we can draw from this partner, especially in 5G technology. Nokia holds over 3,500 patent families considered essential for this new generation of networks.


Nokia is a globally recognised leader in the telecommunications industry for innovative and technological solutions for mobile, fixed and cloud networks. It has been in the market for more than 155 years, currently covering 130 countries. It has its own Nokia Bell Labs, where research is conducted on newly launched solutions. The safety, quality and innovation of Nokia's portfolio is confirmed by multiple awards and prizes, including 9 Nobel prizes won.


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The collaboration between FCA and Ekinops is primarily about WDM solutions that provide flexibility and enable fast and capacious optical transport while optimising costs.


Ekinops is a French company with operations in 10 countries and is a leading provider of open and scalable L1, L2, L3 network solutions. The brand's product portfolio is focused around three product sets: Ekinops 360, One Access and Compose. These are dedicated to service providers around the world.

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Forcepoint brand solutions are focused around the transfer of information from one point in the company to another within a single network, without the risk of an unwanted attack. FCA's offer includes SD-WAN, a technology that connects and protects dispersed enterprises, giving them the ability to grow unlimitedly.


Forcepoint is a global provider of solutions to protect enterprise and government customers and their critical data during digital transformation and growth. It operates in more than 150 countries. The company's mission is to enable a secure environment for customer data, understand network user behaviour and prevent cyber-attacks.

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FCA's portfolio includes SmartOptics' active network solutions, enabling to provide end-to-end customer service and the highest standards for their existing infrastructure.


SmartOptics is a Scandinavian company that is a provider of innovative network solutions and devices with global reach, for enterprises, governments, cloud, cable and telecom operators. The brand's portfolio is based on open network standards and dedicated metro networks and regional applications. The security of the brand's solutions and their functionality are confirmed by numerous certifications from leading storage and connectivity vendors, including Cisco and Dell.

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The collaboration between FCA and HPE is based not only on the range of active network solutions we have on offer but also on the knowledge we can draw from such an experienced and powerful business partner.


Hewlett Packard Enterprise is a world leader in technology, providing platform as cloud solutions, enabling business transformation for enterprises. The history of the brand dates back to 1939 and Silicon Valley, where its first start-up was founded. Since then, the company's reach has spread around the world to provide customers and partners with innovative Intelligent Edge and hybrid IT solutions.

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The flexibility and compatibility of Raisecom's solutions are qualities that guide FCA in building its offer. The partnership between the two companies, provides customers with a choice of robust, active second layer solutions (network switches) that meet the highest quality standards.


Raisecom is a leading provider of comprehensive access solutions and network equipment. It operates in more than 80 countries, with two research and development centres and two production facilities. The brand focuses both on quality and security, which is confirmed by numerous certificates and standards, as well as customisation of its solutions and adapting them to various types of networks, including optical, IoT, access and cloud services.

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Working with Cambium Networks, we can provide customers with efficient and modern radio technology solutions that will improve transmission quality, increase stability and eliminate any interference.


Cambium Networsk is a leading provider of wireless solutions for broadband networks. It has its own research and development centres. The brand's offer consists of cloud-managed WiFi platforms and PTP and PMP types. They are characterised by excellent visibility and practical analytics. These solutions are dedicated to all Internet service providers and public safety networks.

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Cooperation between FCA and Extreme Networks is all about network security, reliable operation and easy management. Our portfolio includes switches, routers, WiFi and supporting software, e.g. access control solutions (NAC).

Extreme Networks is a global provider of solutions necessary for LAN construction, present on the market since 1996. The brand's solutions are the answer to current and future needs of corporate networks. Extreme Networks focuses its operations on implementing innovative solutions that help increase the business efficiency of enterprises.


The answer to the current and future needs of the corporate network - this is the basis of the cooperation between FCA and Xopero. Our portfolio includes high-end solutions for data backup. They are characterised by high scalability, central management and a user-friendly interface.

Xopero was founded in 2009 and has since become one of the leading European providers of advanced backup solutions. Thanks to the solutions offered by this brand, it is possible to secure the entire business environment: from a single device to the entire IT infrastructure.

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FCA's cooperation with Ruijie Networks is based on delivering and implementing high-end solutions for the Enterprise market. Our offer includes such products for the construction of Wi-Fi and LAN networks of this manufacturer as: access points and Poe switches.


Ruijie Networks is one of the world's leading providers of network solutions. It designs innovative solutions, conducts research and independently develops 8 product lines, including routers and switches for wifi and cloud networks. The brand was recognized in the Gartner 2020 Magic Quadrant for wired and wireless LAN access infrastructure.


FCA's portfolio includes Fortinet's innovative solutions to protect networks from cyber criminals. The next-generation FortiGate firewall and others, such as FortiAnalyzer and FortiDeceptor, enable better protection, detailed visibility and best-in-class network performance.


Fortinet is a global leader in ICT security solutions. It provides its customers with intelligent protection against cyber attacks and the ability to meet ever-increasing demands for network performance. Automated operations, risk management, critical data protection and network segmentation are the results of deploying Fortinet solutions in your infrastructure.


The collaboration between FCA and Nozomi Networks is based on solutions, ensuring that OT and IoT environments are protected from cyber threats. We minimize the risk and complexity of customers' networks, maximizing their operational resilience.


Nozomi Networks is a leader in OT and IoT security and visibility. The brand accelerates digital transformation by deploying state-of-the-art cyber security systems for major critical infrastructure, energy, manufacturing, mining, transportation, building automation and other OT facilities around the world.


FCA's portfolio includes Genexis products, i.e. subscriber devices, ONT devices and a system for managing devices and services.


Genexis is a leading European solutions provider providing access to fiber broadband Internet. These include modern CPE and ONT devices that guarantee true interoperability. All products are intuitive to manage, support industry standards and are designed sustainably.