How to increase the capacity of connections between sites without rebuilding?

2 December 2021

Traffic on the network? Why do I have data transfer problems?

The accelerated digital evolution and the consequent increased demand for access to a high-speed data and communications network can become problematic. The needs of subscribers are increasing day by day. Especially operators whose coverage is based on a small tele-transmission line will feel the limitations of their network in the form of complications caused by network traffic. The solution to the problem depends on the needs of each customer.

Is expansion of the network necessary?
The inability to expand a fibre network by adding more fibres is a limitation that can be easily resolved. Sometimes it is enough to make a few changes to increase the capacity of our tele-transmission network.

How do you increase the capacity of connections between locations without expansion?

One solution that can help to streamline the network is to use a BIDI optical module. It allows you to increase the bandwidth of connections between locations without expanding the entire network, which involves time and technical constraints for subscribers.

How does the BIDI transceiver work?

A standard optical module has two ports, limiting the optical fibre to transmit or receive a signal. The BIDI optical module has one port, which will increase the capacity of our network by transmitting and receiving the signal using a single fibre. The network’s capacity will be multiplied by the optimal use of each fibre without the need to add new ones.


Instead of adding fibres, replace the modules with better and faster ones!

Network rebuilding entails high costs and restrictions for our subscribers, which we are often unable to afford. The use of the BIDI optical module is the cheapest solution that we can use in the situation of network congestion. It involves changing the insert in the equipment you have in a given number of ports, which a technician will take care of.

Why our optical inserts?

The compatibility of our optical modules with any equipment available on the market is an irreplaceable advantage. Each of our inserts is quality controlled and subject to selection. We provide modules according to your needs, coding them for the equipment you already use (without replacing it). We classify our products according to the range, transmitted wave, bandwidth and type of connector, which allows the ideal selection of products for users’ needs. At FCA, we support engineers who test and programme the modules and assist in their selection. Our offer includes various types of modules, from the most popular SFP and SFP+ to novelties such as QSFP-DD and OSFP.



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