Wire harnesses – what’s new?

4 April 2024

In the autumn of 2023, we had the pleasure of introducing you to our newest production line – wire harnesses. Many months have passed since then, so it’s time to reveal what’s new in this area! 


Harnesses, as a synchronized set of cables that allow electrical charge to be conducted between the various components of a device, require professional workmanship to ensure proper functioning.


Over the past six months, we have managed to carry out a wide variety of productions in the area of harnesses, processing the cutting, isolating and crimping of wires with diameters ranging from 0.05 to 10 mm2, tinning their ends, soldering them, assembling in enclosures, securing in corrugated tubes, or carrying out electrical, functional tests and connection checks. Moreover, we work with entities in various sectors – industrial automation, avionics, home appliances, air conditioning, refrigeration, and different industry trades. As a result, we have gained experience on many levels.


And on top of that…


Soon, after many months of waiting, a Komax Alpha 565 machine will appear in our production, which will improve the processing of customers’ orders. We will operate at an express pace, all under the watchful eye of the crimping quality control equipment and our skilled employees!


In addition, FCA has become an officially approved supplier of Woodward. We are very proud of this! We hope that our cooperation will be fruitful.

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