Data Center

A Data Centre is a facility designed to securely store mission-critical information and ensure access to applications in organisations. The physical layer of data centre infrastructure consists of a server room and devices supporting its ongoing operations, ensuring security. From the point of view of the cloud it is a network of computer and storage resources.

The key priorities concerning building and developing data centres include reliability, efficiency, security and a focus on continuous evolution – due to the importance of stored data, building the right network infrastructure is paramount – usually, it is based on fibre optic cables, patch panels, cable ducts and measurement equipment, along with ODF (Optical Distribution Frame) racks, server racks, telecommunications cabinets and fibre optic distribution boxes. In addition to passive data centre equipment, active elements such as network switches are equally important in building an efficient and reliable network.

Data centres are built based on a number of standards and guidelines, which is why companies tend to pay particular attention to high-quality products and technical support. The offering of comprehensive services provided by the vendor, as well as innovative solutions enabling CPD owners to follow the trends and meet current and future expectations of their customers, are equally important.

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