Ground network and microducting

Microducting is a technology employed in fibre optic network construction, which is an evolution of the traditional conduits used for electrical and telecommunications installations. The key difference, which makes it stand out from traditional solutions is its small size coupled with higher capacity. The system is based on miniaturised protective conduits – microducts – coupled with fibre optic cables (microcables) characterised by smaller diameters.

These conduits are available in two variants – thin-walled and thick-walled. The former are intended for supplementing secondary cable ducts and cable pipelines for redundancy, while the latter enables installation in primary conduits or those buried directly in the ground. Microducts can be supplied as single tubes, but also as prefabricated bundles in which the individual tubes are grouped with a common outer layer.

Other key elements of the system include fibre optic cables matched to the diameter of the microduct, offering the right capacity, as well as a selection of connecting and sealing elements (straight connectors, reducing connectors, caps, seals, and more).

Microducting  provides a more efficient use of conduits, saving both space and money.

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