Overhead fibre optic enclosures

Fibre optic overhead enclosures are the main component of the line infrastructure of FTTH networks, providing permanent protection for the installation cables terminated inside.

The sealed closure and high quality of the materials used for  the enclosure provide protection against UV radiation and moisture.The enclosure has a significantly higher number of output ports in relation to the number of input  ports.

Its design and capacity facilitates the construction and future expansion of overhead access networks.

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Max. number of splices
Commutation field capacity
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FA-MP5-96-24-47-K96-GY-UMK Fiber Optic Distribution Box
Max. number of splices
Commutation field capacity
24 SC simplex (lub 24 LC duplex)
FA-MP1-18-24-PM-BK Fiber Optic Distribution Box
Max. number of splices
Commutation field capacity
16 + 2 x SC/APC