Modernisation of a collocation node in the energy industry

19 May 2021

Diagnosis of the problem:

Modernisation of the existing collocation node was very difficult due to the significant dispersion of fibre optic cables and lack of an installation standard. Operation of connections was complicated and required additional labour time on the part of technical teams. Furthermore, no dedicated fibre optic routes were designated in the facility, and the outdated products used did not meet the current requirements set for collocation nodes. Due to insufficient resources of free optical fibres it was impossible to develop the offering any more – neither for the existing customers nor for new ones.

Defined objective: 

The Operation Director was searching for optimal possibilities to modernise the existing node, so that it could meet the requirements regarding passive infrastructure of a modern fibre optic network.

Solution proposed by FCA experts:

The proposed system of ODF – LiSA NGR racks provided for reducing the number of line cable terminal points, thus improving the organisation of the fibre optic routes. The volume of the fibre optic resources was increased, and it became easier for technical teams to make connections and measurements.

Achieved results

The solution made it possible to reclaim as much as 81% of the facility’s surface, and the usable fibre optic resources increased by 75%. Since the deployment of the solution, the time of executing additional connection complete with necessary measurements has dropped by 50%.

Krzysztof Karczewski
Business Line Manager

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He has worked in the industry for 20 years, which means he knows everything about fiber optics. His career path at FCA led him to the position of Business Line Manager for the passive product offering. Krzysztof is eager to share his factual knowledge, guiding those interested through the meanders of fiber optic solutions. For this reason, you can often meet Krzysztof on our webinars.

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