How can additional optical fibres be connected to a facility when the existing telecommunications conduits cannot be expanded?

19 May 2021

Diagnosis of the problem:


Dwindling room in the telecommunications conduits, no possibility of expansion. The necessity to connect additional fibres to the location.



Solution proposed by FCA experts:

Deployment of the SWR Ribbon 432J cable of the diameter resembling the 96J optical cable (at similar parameters and maximum tensile strength).


Achieved results:


Deployment of the SWR cable offers a reduction in the cable preparation time by up to 70% (over a loose tube cable)!

Compared to a 432-fibre cable, the total preparation and welding time can be reduced from ca. 40 hours down to 8 hours!

Ribbon cables have been known for years.

To date, however, their use has been significantly hindered by their design (gel filling) and lack of appropriate equipment. The current technological knowledge has made it possible to create a ribbon cable with attachments that is a response to the growing expectations of telecommunication infrastructure owners, providing for fast and easy installation and repairs.

What is innovative about the SWR cable?

Dry cable design – no gel filling in the fibre carrier. This offers a significant reduction of the cable preparation time, and a special water protection layer ensures adequate before protection of the fibres against water penetration;

Multi-fibre design, in 12J ribbons. The use of the ribbons is typical of ribbon cables, but the Spider Web Ribbon technology is a market novelty.

In addition, a fibre optic welder has been designed which makes it possible to simultaneously weld 12 fibres.


Krzysztof Karczewski
Business Line Manager

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He has worked in the industry for 20 years, which means he knows everything about fiber optics. His career path at FCA led him to the position of Business Line Manager for the passive product offering. Krzysztof is eager to share his factual knowledge, guiding those interested through the meanders of fiber optic solutions. For this reason, you can often meet Krzysztof on our webinars.

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