Half patch-panel

Can both patch panels and a network switch be placed in a 1U space? Yes!

What is a half-patch panel?

The HALF-PATCH PANEL is a unique solution that combines two functionalities in one element, enabling both fiber optic cable splicing and network device installation.


By utilizing the HALF-PATCH PANEL, all network termination elements will be consolidated in one place.


The connection will be made in a clear and organized manner, which will also allow for minimizing the downtime in case of any potential failure


FCA's proprietary solution, designed for use wherever optical cable termination is required in a RACK cabinet alongside an active device, and the available space is limited to 1U.


Greater rack space availability


The opportunity to accommodate an active device (space for a switch) and connect 6 SC/E2000 or LC duplex adapters in the patch field, along with a fiber optic cassette that enables up to 12 thermal splices – all within 1U.

The advantages of the half-patch panel
Easy installation

The half-patch panel, thanks to its design, allows for easy installation. Attaching it to the rack cabinet takes just a few minutes.


The fiber optic half-switch enables easy and convenient management of optical paths, streamlining the installer's workflow and saving time.

Cost savings

The 1U height allows for optimal space utilization, even in limited areas, and the 2-in-1 functionality reduces the costs of purchasing additional equipment.

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Artur Ryncarz
Product Manager

Arthur specialises in passive solutions, in particular in the range of fiber optic switches and poles. Additional scope of his activities includes products dedicated to Data Centre facilities.

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